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For our last class

May 5, 2010 8 comments

Next week your final projects are due!

You’ll be doing three things for the projects:

1) The project itself. If you’re building something that resides on the web, please paste a link to the comments of this post, and that’s handed in. If it’s a keynote-based mockup or some other non-web entity, I will need a copy that I’ll transfer onto a flash drive.

2) A presentation. This should explain and introduce your idea, as well as your process of creation. You should have at least two slides for this section. After the introduction, you will give a brief walkthrough/demo/show-n-tell. TOTAL TIME for the presentation and walkthrough should not exceed five minutes.

3) A report. This should cover the motivation behind the idea, how the idea fits into a broader mobile landscape, the development of the concept and the product, and a narrative walkthrough of the final thing. The report should be around 800 words.

Come to class prepared to present, and will all the pieces!

ps. Don’t forget your mobile blog!!!

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Final Project Question Zone

April 21, 2010 2 comments

You call got the handout today, so any questions you have, ask them here.

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Our Group Mapping Project: INFO

April 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Database Mapping: OUR PROJECT
Today we’ll be doing both mobile reporting and building a database-driven map. We’ll use a few different tools to pull this off. I have linked to all of them, though for this assignment, the heavy lifting of hooking bits and pieces up is done already. This is entirely something you could do yourself for other projects.

These two are the bare minimum to get started (obviously, to do this on your own you’ll need a Google Docs account as well, but we’ll all share a spreadsheet):
Creating a custom map from a Google Spreadsheet
GPS Lat & Long converter

Then you’ll need a few different things to embed various content into the map: to collect all the mobile reports, and to embed audio
As we decided in class, please set up your own page in order to keep things separate and generate your own embed code

The Google Spreadsheet we’ll be working with is here (but you’ve all been invited as editors)

You can see the actual map as it progresses at:

You are responsible for reporting and listing at least 15 additional points by next Wednesday. More than 15 gets you extra credit. We should have a *huge* map by then. It will be awesome.

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Links and Project 4-14-10

April 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Interesting use of Geodata
Everyblock: Local Boys Done Good
The New York Times looks at Netflix data: What’s GeoData tell us?
WNYC’s super simple mapping tool: explained.

Geocoded photos: Uh…
A Flickr search for Chicago photos shot by an iPhone 3G
GPS Lat & Long converter

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Work for Next Week: Your Maps

April 7, 2010 12 comments

You need to build a custom, media-rich map for next week. It needs to:

1) Have at least 10 data points.
2) Use custom markers for your points.
3) At least 5 data points include some form of multimedia content: video, photos, etc. This needs to be original to you–shot, created, etc, by you.
4) Be framed within the Map Channels webapp for better usability.
5) Work within the constraints of JOURNALISM–i.e. other people will find this awesome.
6) Be awesome.

Please paste a link to your MapChannels page here when you’re done.

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Your Work For Next Week

March 31, 2010 11 comments

Today in class we worked together to take on a large-scale reporting format (also, we enjoyed the weather). For next week, you’ll take some of the mobile reporting strategies you devised today, and tools we discussed the class before spring break, and you’ll make your own mobile report.

• Build your own mobile report on a subject of your choosing. This can be the documentation of a one-time event, or it can be a multi-day report. The key is that it’s mobile and that it’s your reporting.
• Choose a tool we discussed in the class before break. You can combine tools or stick with a single one. Obviously a tool like Posterous allows for all sorts of media to be posted, so choosing one tool doesn’t necessarily restrict you to one storytelling format.
• Choose a subject for your report. Focus it and choose something for which mobile will be a strength.
• Build it, report it, and link it here.

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Info for presentations next week

March 3, 2010 Leave a comment

For next week you need to do further testing on paper prototypes until they work “right.” Then build a hi-rez prototype that adds more detail and interactive functionality. This can be done using the tool of your choice.

In addition, you will need to propose a larger mobile strategy and talk about how your prototype fits into that larger strategy.

You will be giving a walkthrough of this prototype as part of a larger presentation next week. That presentation also entails:

at least two slides introducing your mobile strategy and explaining the prototype’s role in it. Slides work better without too much text!

a five minute presentation that:
1) explains the mobile strategy clearly and succinctly.
2) talks a bit about the insights that lead to this strategy.
3) introduces the hi-rez prototype, in a walkthrough.

In addition to this presentation, you will also turn in, both to the CNC folks and to me, a written report, of around 800 words that:

1) explains in detail the mobile strategy:
–what does it set out to accomplish?
–how does it engage users?
–what is the end goal?

2) steps through the process for arriving at this idea: what were the insights that you gained from observations? How did they drive the development?

3) Mentions things learned from the prototyping & testing process

4) Gives a narrative walkthrough of the prototype: be specific and include detail: who is the user? what are they trying to accomplish? what is the experience like?

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